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Choose your creative vision

Creative Music Lessons principal instructor A.J. Halpern has devoted over 30 years on 5 families of instruments and singing. For professional players in the D.C. and NYC areas, he coaches on all of these for the recording studio, music video and live performances. For more than 20 years, A.J. has focused on his core specialties for Beginner to Advanced classes. Is your instrument of choice not listed? Ask A.J. He can match you with the right instructor. 



Very beginner friendly. The most elaborate creative possibilities. With proper training, any music that ever was can be at your fingertips. With two hands, you can accompany yourself. Piano and keyboards are at the heart of most music. It's the perfect introduction into music and creativity. 


Instrument of choice for many teens and adults, alike. Incredibly wide range of expression and creativity. Proper training is a must, so you can accurately and expressively play all your favorite songs. Guitar is the fundamental driving a great amount of the newest music. 


The most authentic and celebrated instrument of all time. The first instrument : The Human Voice. Learn how to naturally relax into your true "voice" with no vocal strain- and prepare to be amazed at your range and communicative power. Experience your creativity at its heights, and learn how to fully incorporate your Voice into any style. 

Music Production

After the music / lyrics are completed, the producer is responsible for creating a stage performance, a recording (and music video). The best producers are experts in multiple disciplines. For many popular music genres, the producer is the creator of the instrumental track, generated with computer software. All areas of Music Production are covered in the workshops. 

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