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Your home. Your instrument. 

And classes done your way. 


  Instrumental Training 

Beginner to Advanced levels. Beginners focus on technique, hand positions, keys, reading, and some memorization and improvisation. More advanced classes focus on dynamics, speed, mastery, variation, expression, and bringing out the individual "voice". All students will learn the tricks and habits that "fast-track" the lesson, which will lead to great performances and clarity.  

Composition and Improvisation 

Intermediate to Pro levels. Solos, Song Writing, Melody writing, harmonization, chord function, voicing, development, musical and dramatic forms, accompaniment patterns are studied in a hands-on workshop environment. Score writing and lead sheet. All students will learn methods that will "fast-track" the composing process and hone works of interest and originality. 

  Vocal Coaching     

Beginner to Advanced levels. Students will study the components of breathing in singing, and ennunciation, to naturally produce the creative sounds of their imagination. Learn how to imitate your favorite singer. Beginners focus on range builders and endurance. More Advanced singers learn styles, lots of runs, and create their own individual "sound". 

  Audio Production Workshops    

Beginner to Professional levels. Students will study the components of audio production both on the creative and technical levels. Learn how to make your own music with computer software. Learn how to emulate the sonic tricks of your favorite producer. A great amount of software and hardware is explored in these workshops.  



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