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The Teacher

 A.J. Halpern   
Today I found out that my longtime guitar student got accepted into Case Western's illustr

"I have taught music in Maryland, Northern Virginia, and Washington D.C. for over 20 years."


A.J. is a music composer and producer. His scores and themes are in well-known TV shows and commercials, and his songs and productions with major label artists. As a child, he studied Classical piano and won prestigious competitions. As a teen, he wrote songs and studied many families of instruments. He also studied performance, and the Voice. He released his first Pop music single - where he played all the instruments - on College radio at age 14. He toured the world with music ensembles. He is CEO of the production house Monomental Music Group, which provides content to major labels and multimedia networks. He is an active partner/writer in several hip hop and dance imprints, in D.C. and NYC. 


His teaching method stems from a simple principle : Music is Creative. And Creative means that it is Yours.  A.J.'s lessons adapt to meet the needs and goals of the student.  A.J.'s students - some have gone to excel in the Performance and Recording Arts professionally. A.J.'s students have received a music scholarship. From Beginner level, all the way up to Professional training, A.J. makes music education fun, memorable, and achievable. 

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