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A.J. (or recommended instructor) will appear at the student's home (or online messenger) at a set time each week. In certain cases, and for the production workshops, the student will attend class, weekly or bi-weekly, at The Voodoo Shack recording studio in Silver Spring, MD. 

Music Books 


At certain times in the curriculum, music books are necessary for learning to sight read, understanding musical concepts, and learning music and songs. Students will be advised which books to procure. This includes a Lesson Book, which can be just a fresh notebook. In cases of video classes, arrangements are made for both teacher and student to have a copy of the music. 

Recording Media 


Voice and production students will record

some or all of their lessons. Our sessions at

The Voodoo Shack recording studio in Silver Spring, MD can furnish recordings of

sessions in mp3 or CD format. In certain cases, production classes will be online. 

Payment Policy   

There are standard 60 minute rates that are available.  Classes for 90, 45, and 30 are also available. Contact us for more information.  We ask for a 4-week commitment, paid in-person at the start of lessons. There are alternate arrangements available in certain cases. 

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Tel: 347-668-5789

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